SEEVCCC mission

  • Fulfilling the needs of SEE countries for information on subregional climate change on permanent basis;
  • Providing permanent support for capacity building of national hydrometeorological services in terms of human resources and improvement of products and services in the area of climate change in the subregion;
  • Linking science and adaptation planning policy planning, as well as management of climate change risk, and
  • Serving as a model partnership between national hydrometeorological services in the region and other interested institutions dealing with climate change, as well as with relevant international organizations, regional climate centers, donors, etc.

SEEVCCC main objectives

  • Further strengthening of cooperation between national hydrometeorological services in the subregion in the field of climate change;
  • Support for accelerated transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of regional climate modeling and other techniques of regionalization (downscaling);
  • Application of research results in impact studies, vulnerability assessment and adaptation options;
  • Support to personnel and institutional improvement of national hydrometeorological services in performing relevant tasks related to climate change, education and public awareness, including their contribution to the implementation of various Conventions (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Convention on Biological Diversity, UN Convention on Combating Desertification).