DriDanube aims to improve capacity of the region for drought emergency response and enhance preparedness for drought management by introducing recently developed monitoring and risk assessment tools.

Cooperative and interactive Drought User Service will be developed in order to enable more accurate and efficient drought early warning. Service will integrate all available data, including large volume of the most recent remote sensing products.

Apart from the timely warning a risk analysis is required to effectively reduce the effects of drought. DriDanube will harmonize the currently heterogeneous methodologies for risk and impact assessments, based on existing achievements in participating countries and on EU guidelines in the frame of the Civil Protection Mechanism.

DriDanube is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and IPA funds – INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme 2014-2020.

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Project Lead Partner: Slovenian Environment Agency (SLO)
In the Project participate 10 countries, 15 partners and 8 associated partners

Tatjana Savić-Šljivić – RHMSS Project Manager
Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia
Office: +381 11 3050 804
E-mail: tatjana.savic@hidmet.gov.rs