Climate Watch System (CWS) is an operative early warning system for climate warnings, based on the existing meteorological activities and infrastructure at the regional and national level. This system is established on the foundations of the existing Early Warning System, with the focus on the extreme climate events, such as heat waves, cold waves, drought, large precipitation amounts that may cause floods, etc. The basic goal of this system is to support the Early Warning System by providing overviews of climate monitoring and long-range weather forecasts.

Climate Review aims to inform users (one/two weeks, month ahead of time) about the probability and severity levels of climate hazards (monthly/seasonal temperature, precipitation and SPI forecasts) in order to ensure execution of mitigation plans and avoidance of severe events. The main CWS product is the Early Warning Bulletin on extreme climate events and anomalies, issued once a week: each Friday for the national level and each Monday for the region of South East Europe.