Joint Disaster Management risk assessment and preparedness in the Danube macro-region

Priority Axis: Protection and improvement of the environment
Area of Intervention: Improve prevention of environmental risks
Terms of Reference: Climate Change Adaptation: assessing vulnerabilities and risks and translating them to implementation actions at the regional and local levels

Project Summary:
The main purpose of this project is to improve coherence and consistency amongĀ  risk assessments undertaken by the countries at national and local level, and especially in case of disasters intensified by climate change. The project builds on the EU Council conclusions on “Further Developing Risk Assessment for Disaster Management within the European Union” adopted in March 2011, that aims for a common approach and harmonisation on the prevention of natural and man-made disasters setting out an overall disaster prevention framework. The EC is called on, before the end of 2012, to prepare this cross-sectoral overview of the major natural and man-made risks taking into account, where possible, the future impact of climate change and the need for climate mitigation. SEERisk will therefore test and adapt the EC guildelines to selected pilot areas in the SEE region, focusing on two main activity: risk assessment and the enhancement of joint preparedness in order to strengthen awareness and efficiency of action in emergencies caused by climate change.

GuidelineĀ on Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Assessment in The Danube Macro-Region

Project Lead Partner: National Directorate General for Disaster Management (Hungary)
In the Project participate 9 countries, 20 partners.

Ariel Milosevic – RHMSS Project Manager
Project consultant and coordinator
Division for International Programs and Projects
Republic hydrometeorological service of Serbia
Office: +381 11 3050828